Thursday, May 4, 2017

High Blood Pressure Awareness: Physical Activity Improves Your Blood Pressure Level!

Physical Activity Improves Your 
Blood Pressure Level

Daily physical activity is beneficial to your overall health. Thirty to forty minutes of physical activity a day can reduce your blood pressure, which means your risk of heart attack and stroke will also decrease. Daily physical activity does not have to be intense gym workouts. Activity can include stretching, muscle strengthening, and cardio.  Find an activity you enjoy such as taking a brisk walk or joining a fitness class, and you will start seeing improvements in your health.

The American Heart Association provides tips to help you become heart healthy by adding physical activity into your day:

Don’t be afraid to be active!
Start out slow and keep working towards improvement.

Find something you enjoy!
Whether it is your favorite sport or a
scenic walk, enjoy  your daily activity.

Mix it up!
Variety helps you stay interested and motivated!

Make it social!
Walk with a neighbor or join a fitness                      
class with your friends.  This will keep
you accountable and motivated.
Reward yourself.
Set aside a small amount of money for each time you exercise.  At the end of the month, use the money to reward yourself with some new workout gear!

Allie Raich
Health Information Management, 2017

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