Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quit Slackin, 'Make it Happen! Strengthen Your Body Without Having to Go to The Gym!

Quit Slackin,'Make it Happen!
3 Fun and Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Body Without Having to Go to The Gym!

We all know how hard it can be to go to the gym to workout everyday. You're tired from a day's work, or maybe it's your cousin's-wife's-best friend's birthday and you feel as if you would be missing out if you were to go to the gym that day. Most of the time, the hardest part isn't when you're at the gym, it's getting yourself there. Wouldn't it be nice to not always have to drag yourself to the gym to get a good workout in? Here are three different types of exercises that you  may do at home that will help you strengthen your body, achieve your goals, and have fun in the process!
1.) Cardiovascular Conditioning

Many people know that cardio workouts are a very crucial part of staying in good physical shape and getting rid of unwanted body fat. However, the benefits of a good cardio workout don't stop there! Cardiovascular workouts are also very good for your heart, your metabolism, and your overall physical and mental health. 

A FUN way to practice cardio: Organize a soccer game with all of your closest friends. Playing an organized sport is an excellent way to workout without actually having to go to the gym. Plus it's fun, and you get to spend time with friends while doing it!

2.) Strength Training: Muscle Endurance 

Building up muscle endurance is one of the best things you can do for your body when you are working on getting fit. Your body builds up muscle endurance by repeating the same workouts often, and by doing this, it eventually makes it easier for your muscles to perform these workouts. Let's take riding a bicycle for example. Say you really enjoy riding your bike on a specific trail by your house. The only problem is the trail has a very steep hill in the middle of it. The first few times you try and peddle up the hill, it doesn't work and you get tired, but eventually, after many attempts at the hill, you end up succeeding and make it to the top without stopping. This is an example of building up your muscle endurance. 

A great example of how you can build up muscle endurance easily:Practice planking every night before you go to bed. Each night, increase the time of your plank by 10 seconds. This will build up muscle endurance in your arms, legs, and core muscles, and you will start to notice that the planks will become easier for you to complete. This works well for other arm, leg and core workouts too.

3.) Flexibility Training

Maintaining flexibility is a very important part of physical fitness. Maintaining a flexible body isn't only helpful to us while we are working out, it also helps us to improve our performance in everyday tasks. Flexibility plays a larger role in our everyday lives than you may think. For example, getting out of bed, lifting heavy objects, and vacuuming the floor, all require a certain degree of flexibility in our muscles. As we get older, we grow more and more accustomed to bad habits in our posture and body movements, which lead to joint complications and other serious health issues. Flexibility isn't hard to acquire, but it does take patience, time and effort. 

The BEST way to maintain a flexible figure: Yoga may be one of the best and most relaxing ways to maintain flexibility in your body. Practicing yoga on a daily basis may not only make you more flexible, it may also increase muscle strength and muscle tone, help with cardio and circulatory health, improve athletic performance, and help prevent arthritis, lower back pain, and other long term health issues. The benefits of doing yoga are countless, and the best part about it is, you can do it right in your own home. There are a plethora of how-to videos and tutorials on Youtube that will teach you different poses and exercises to help improve your flexibility. Also, another way to improve flexibility is to make sure you stretch after every workout. Not only will this help with flexibility, it will also work to prevent muscle cramps  after your workout. 

ProTip: It's OK to be sore after a nice long workout! When you are sore the day after working out, it just means that your muscles are getting stronger. In other words: It's just your muscles thanking you!

And remember, the only one who is stopping you is you, so get out there, get active, and WORK those muscles!

Samantha Frascone