Saturday, June 18, 2016

Many Hands Make Light Work

John Heywood is credited with stating, "Many hands make light work." This statement describes the recent events at the Duluth Hillside Orchard. It all started with a note from Megan Perry-Spears, she said,

"I have been reflecting on the year.  This year, one of the things that has really struck me is the data about food insecurity.  Minnesota’s overall food insecurity rate is 11.2%. 
Food Insecurity in MN is highest in the 5th Congressional District (metro) and in the 8th Congressional District (THIS
IS US!!!!).

The total number of food-insecure Minnesotans is estimated at 583,000. 

For our students the numbers are bad: 14.7% of traditional undergrads; 19.5% of extended undergrads; 4.7% of extended grad students, and 7.5% of online undergrads and 4.5% of online Grad students.

I also have the UDAC folks come by on a daily basis to help out.  And I have been thinking about  a way to say thank you.  

And I have been thinking about stewardship of our resources in a warming world-- food, air, bees, and more. 

And then I had an off-chance conversation with the folks at the Duluth Hillside Orchard.  The Hillside Orchard has fruit trees and berries and butterfly gardens.  All of the produce is free for the taking and is located on a reclaimed parking lot just above the UDAC building.  The mission is to make available healthy fruits and vegetables to the central and east hillside community members and residents of Duluth in a centrally located, easy to access site.  (This is an older article but it lets you know what it is all about:   or  


Let's get a crew of 10-15 folks and head out to the Orchard and give them two hours of CSS love and work!"

After this email was sent out there were many individuals that responded to the call. So many people responded that CSS went to the orchard twice!

Between the two groups, the CSS team did 60+ hours of work for the Hillside Orchard.

And the UB/UBMS folks got a load of rhubarb to prepare for the CHUM Rhubarb Festival as well!

Go Saints! Truly Many Hands Do Make Light Work!