Monday, April 4, 2016

Why WellU? 
A Personal Story by Julie Speikers

Metabolic Syndrome was a word I added to my vocabulary about 4 years ago. It was a diagnosis from my doctor that both scared me, and yet at the same time, created the motivation to make some profound lifestyle changes. With the help of the college (think WellU: CV Clinic, Shape Up, and access to the BWC for workouts), I have had support making changes that have led to a healthier and happier me four years later. This has included support and encouragement from the Shape Up coach, Megan Streveler, which helped me to run my personal best marathon in February. Megan provided me with tools for weight loss, and improved my workouts by incorporating stretching and strength training.

Using the CV Clinic each year provides me with a snapshot of my numbers like HDL, LDL, and blood sugar. This is followed by an appointment to discuss the numbers and ways that I can improve my health. In a way, I like seeing the numbers because it is similar to a report card that confirms that the changes I have made are impacting my health in a positive way. Visiting the BWC over lunch is something that I look forward to everyday. To me, it is more than just getting in a walk or using the machines. It is about being part of a community where the students, faculty, and staff come together to work toward a similar goal of improved fitness.

The WellU Team thanks Julie for sharing her story and motivating others toward better health!