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Newsletter March 2016 (Improve Your Sleep)

Improve Your Sleep!
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Tips to Improve Your Sleep

If you are unable to sleep well on a regular basis, then it is probably time to evaluate and improve your sleep environment.

Optimal bedroom environment:
  • Cool: 60-70 degrees
  • Free from noise & light
  • Free from allergens
  • Attractive 
  • Comfortable pillows
  • Comfortable mattress 
  • (Mattress life expectancy is 9-10 years)

You may want to consider a new mattress and pillows, blackout curtains, ear plugs, white noise machines, humidifiers, fans etc.

Develop good sleep habits:
  • Stick to the same bedtime
  • Have a relaxing bedtime ritual like a hot bath, reading, meditation, or breathing exercises
  • Exercise daily (probably not right before bed)
  • Avoid bright lights before bed 
  • Avoid cat naps (only if they seem to affect your sleep at night)
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, & heavy meals before bedtime 
  • Avoid electronic devices, television and work projects before bedtime
If all else fails, get a professional sleep evaluation from a sleep clinic. Good sleep is very important for good health!
Schedule Your Snack & Learn Today!
The WellU staff will come to your department, or work group, with snacks, beverages, and a short 15-20 minute presentation on the theme of the month. You get a break, refreshments, and a chance to discuss the topic with others.

Time slots available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays all month 
11:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.

Contact Jennifer:

Why Try a Wellness Challenge?

"The Wellness Wheel challenge was a fun way to stay motivated and focus on my overall wellness, especially during November and December, when there is less daylight (and the weather can be sketchy!).  I liked that the "wheel" included many aspects of wellness--mental and spiritual, as well as physical--and I enjoyed earning points as a team with my CSS colleagues.  Thank you, WellU, for sponsoring wellness challenges for faculty and staff; I believe they are a positive way to foster the College's Benedictine value of Community, which is important.  (And the prizes for the winning team were great--thank you!)"

~Anna Temple
Grant Proposal Specialist
The College of St. Scholastica 
Recipe Challenge!
February 1st - March 31st

Recipe Challenge!
February 1st - March 31st

Simply submit your easiest, yummiest, and healthiest recipe to, or drop it off at the WellU office. We will post your recipe on the WellU blog. 

The top 4 recipes will be in a taste off competition at the end of the challenge. You can vote on each recipe via the "google recommend" button at the bottom of the WellU blog.
You will be entered into a weekly drawing for a WellU prize when you submit a recipe. You may submit a new recipe each week! Everyone who submits a recipe will receive a free cookbook with all of the recipes. Everyone wins this Challenge!

We need lots of entries to make the cookbook more fun.
Pictures or videos of you cooking, or of the food item, are always welcome!

Questions? Please Contact Julie Zaruba Fountaine
Give it Up for the Down State- Sleep: Sara Mednick at TEDxUCR Salon
Give it Up for the Down State- Sleep:
Sara Mednick at TEDxUCR Salon

Nutrition Bites

Introducing yumPower!

It can be challenging to find healthy recipes that are easy to make. HealthPartners' has a great website to help make healthy eating a lot easier, and it is free to use!

Simply go to this link: yumPower

Click on the "my kitchen" tab and then search the tasty recipes. You can peruse recipes based on your likes, health concerns, available ingredients, and meal course. Start by selecting what meal course you want to cook (breakfast, brunch,  lunch, dinner or snack). Next, type in any special ingredients you want to use like chicken, brown rice, or tomatoes. Finally, customize your recipe choices by any special health concerns you want addressed. You can choose categories such as calcium boost, calorie wise, fit not fat, potassium power, heart happy, fiber focus, diabetes friendly, sodium savvy, weight wise, cholesterol in check, and carb. conscious. Several healthy recipes will then pop up for you to choose from. This is a great way to find easy recipes that are customized to your specific needs!

The yumPower website also has suggestions for helping kids learn to eat more nutritious foods, and there is  a "tips and tricks" section with the categories: eat smart, cook smart, shop smart, dine smart and snack smart. As a bonus, there is also glossary of common cooking terms to help you navigate the recipes!

Make cooking healthy easier by checking out the yumPower website.

Fitness Focus
Improve Your Financial Fitness
Watch JNBA Seminars for Retirement, Tax, and Estate Planning

Password: WellU1

Password: WellU2


WellU Cardiovascular (CV) Clinic is Open!

Now is the time to Know Your Numbers!
Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. That's approximately one woman every minute! Heart disease is also the leading cause of death in men.
Maybe you are not experiencing any symptoms. Why is monitoring these numbers still important? There are no symptoms of high cholesterol or high blood pressure without being tested.

What can you do? Get yourself tested at the Cardiovascular Clinic.
What is it? This clinic assesses cardiovascular health and risks.
What it is not: The clinic will not provide primary care, urgent care or convenient care.
Who is eligible? All benefit eligible employees only. No cost associated with clinic.
Where is it located? Visits will be conducted in Student Health Services by the Health Service Team.
When is the clinic open? Blood draws Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays8:30am-9:30am (15 minute appointments). Clinic visits Wednesday 8:30am-12:30pm (30 minute appointments).
How do you sign up? 
Follow this link:  MyHealth
What you need to know: You will need to fast for 12 hours prior to your blood draw appointment (water or black coffee only). A questionnaire will be provided for you to fill out online once you schedule your blood draw through the link above. Lab results & recommendations will be discussed with provider at the office visit.

All visits at the WellU Clinic are strictly confidential. The information from your visit can be shared with your primary care provider at your request.

Continue your health journey with other WellU programs: 
Shape Up: Sign up through ImLeagues
Snack & Learns: Sign up by emailing Jennifer at
Stretch Breaks: Sign up by emailing Megan at
Questions? Email
Take Advantage of Your Health Benefits!

Enrolled in HealthPartners' insurance?
Take advantage of Virtuwell: 3 free online health visits per year. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): For All Employees!
Free Counseling Services:, or call 866-326-7194.

Simply log in through cor and click on the  

employee tab. Next, click on the 
red links button on the left for Employee Assistance Program and HealthPartners' links. Set up your healthpartners' account on the healthpartners' website.
Schedule a Shape Up Appointment Today!

My name is Megan Streveler, EdD, ATC, ATR (pronounced Meegan) and I work within WellU as the new coach for Shape Up & Stretch Breaks.

Shape Up:
The goal of Shape Up is to support CSS employees in reaching their health and wellness goals. The program offers each participant 3-4 sessions, starting with an initial fitness screening and goal setting discussion.  The following sessions are check-ins to note progress and to adjust your program.  Sessions could include learning how to operate the workout equipment, learning ways to increase core strength, discussing nutritional habits or whatever will help you reach your health goals. The final session will include a repeat of the fitness screening to note your personal achievements.

Sessions are available Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays, 4:00pm & 5:00pm.  You can sign up through ImLeagues.