Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Schedule a Shape Up Appointment Today!

My name is Megan Streveler, EdD, ATC, ATR (pronounced Meegan) and I work within WellU as the new coach for Shape Up & Stretch Breaks.

Shape Up:
The goal of Shape Up is to support CSS employees in reaching their health and wellness goals. The program offers each participant 3-4 sessions, starting with an initial fitness screening and goal setting discussion.  The following sessions are check-ins to note progress and to adjust your program.  Sessions could include learning how to operate the workout equipment, learning ways to increase core strength, discussing nutritional habits or whatever will help you reach your health goals. The final session will include a repeat of the fitness screening to note your personal achievements.

Sessions are available Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays, 4:00pm & 5:00pm.  You can sign up through ImLeagues.