Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Recipe Challenge!
February 1st - March 31st

Simply submit your easiest, yummiest, and healthiest recipe to wellu@ccs.edu, or drop it off at the WellU office. We will post your recipe on the WellU blog. 

The top 4 recipes will be in a taste off competition at the end of the challenge. You can vote on each recipe via the "google recommend" button at the bottom of the WellU blog.

You will be entered into a weekly drawing for a WellU prize when you submit a recipe. You may submit a new recipe each week! Everyone who submits a recipe will receive a free cookbook with all of the recipes. Everyone wins this Challenge!

We need lots of entries to make the cookbook more fun.
Pictures or videos of you cooking, or of the food item, are always welcome!

Questions? Please Contact Julie Zaruba Fountaine