Monday, January 11, 2016

FS Wellu Community Calendar 2016

FS WellU Community Calendar

January: WellU Community Calendar
  • January 19: Email~ Welcome back
February: Overcoming Barriers to Exercise (& Meeting Exercise Guidelines)
  • February 2: Email/Newsletter~ Topic intro, snack & learns (quiz/presentation) offered all month. Sign ups:
  • February 9: Email~ Recipe Challenge: Submit your most inexpensive, easiest to make, delicious, and healthy recipe. Recipes to be compiled into cookbook that all contestants receive as a prize.
  • February 16: Email~ Make exercise social.
  • February 23: Email~ Barriers to exercise quiz

March: Sleep Well
  • March 1: Email/Newsletter~ Topic intro, snack & learn (presentation) offered all month.  Sign-ups: jwidstro@css,eu
  • March 8: Email~ Improve your sleep environment
  • March 15: Email~ Sleep challenge (sleeping 7-8 hours per night)
  • March 22: Email~ Cat nap trial

April: Motivation to Move
  • April 5: Email/Newsletter~ Topic intro, snack & learn (presentation) offered all month Sign-ups
  • April 12: Email~ Sitting is the new smoking
  • April 19: Email~ Outdoor workout week (3x and you get a prize)
  • April 26: Email~ Reduce unhealthy choices week

May: Mental and Spiritual Well-being
  • May 3: Email/Newsletter~ Topic intro, social gathering and snack
  • May 10: Email~ Contact someone you haven’t talked to in ages
  • May 17: Email~ Attitude of gratitude blog challenge: prize to post thank you messages on blog
  • May 24: Email~ Volunteer week
(Note: Calendar dates and/or events are subject to change)