Monday, December 7, 2015

Depression Help/Gratitude Journaling

Happy Holidays everyone!

Recent mental health studies point to gratitude journaling as a healing tool for depression. In one study, participants wrote down three positive things about their day every night. This group showed improvement in depressive symptoms after only two weeks (Harbaugh & Vasey, 2014)!

In another study, one group created a gratitude diary and did gratefulness reflections, while a second group created a mindfulness diary and did mindfulness meditations. The participants journaled and meditated four times a week for five weeks. Both groups showed improvement of depressive symptoms, stress, and happiness levels (O'Leary & Dockray, 2015).

I keep a journal by my bed and write down 3-5 experiences I find positive about my day. I wake up with a positive attitude and a thankful heart. Gratitude is really quite amazing!

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The WellU Team

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