Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome To The Wellness Challenge 2.0!

Welcome to your first day of the first week of Wellness Challenge 2.0! We are so excited you joined us and we've been working hard to make this a success. First and foremost, thank you to those who participated last year and provided us with extremely constructive feedback. We have been doing a lot of tweaking to the previous challenge and are happy to present you with this improved one. Keep in mind we are always striving to do even better so let us know when something comes up so we can address it.

Our goal with this wellness challenge is to provide you with either a base or a checkpoint on the stewardship of your health and well-being. Experts preach that habits take time to form whether that's from a few weeks to a few months. We are providing a six-week challenge to help you form those habits. By tracking and submitting your healthy acts, we hope you become more aware of them and prioritize them into your schedule.
Here's a little video explaining this. It is an advertisement for the book and though we wouldn't want to stop you from buying the book, there is no need to pay attention to that portion. We just want you to get the just of what the book is about and keep that in mind as you participate in Wellness Challenge 2.0.

What are you most excited to take away from this challenge? What did you find interesting about the video?

Best of luck to you all! :)