Friday, October 30, 2015

WELLU Resources for WellU Habits

Changing your habits… Are you thinking about being more active? Have you been trying to cut back on fattening foods? Are you starting to eat better and be more active but having a hard time sticking with these changes? 
Old habits die hard. Changing your habits is a process involving several stages.

 Sometimes it takes a while before changes turn into new habits. You may face challenges along the way. 
But adopting new, healthier habits may protect you from serious health problems, such as diabetes. New habits may also help you look better and feel more energetic. After a while, if you stick with these changes, they may become a part of your daily routine. 

Get 150 to 300 minutes of moderately intense or vigorous physical activity each week. Brisk walks, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, hikes, hula hoops—do whatever you enjoy best. Strengthen your muscles at least twice a week. Do push ups or pull-ups, lift weights, do heavy gardening, or work with rubber resistance bands. 
If you are interested in incorporating physical activity into your life or want to evaluate your current program, sign up for a SHAPE UP session by visiting, the WELLU IMLEAGUES website.
Limit these foods & drinks: • sugar-sweetened drinks and desserts • foods made with butter or other fats that are solid at room temperature • refined grains (bread, chips, and crackers) Eat more of these foods: • fruits and vegetables • whole-grain breads and cereals • fat-free or low-fat dairy • seafood, lean meats, and eggs • beans, nuts, and seeds

Below are a few nutritious foods you can include into your day to day routine.
Black bean and corn salsa

EASY SNACK IDEAS • low-fat or fat-free yogurt • fresh, canned, or dried fruit • sliced vegetables or baby carrots 
QUICK BREAKFAST IDEAS • oatmeal with milk, topped with walnuts and fresh or dried fruit • a slice of whole-wheat toast with a piece of cheese • fruit smoothie made with frozen fruit and low-fat yogurt • high-fiber, low-sugar cereal with milk 

Lastly, WellU is launching a Wellness Wheel Challenge.
We are kicking off our Wellness Challenge 2.0.
The challenge runs November 2nd through December 14th.
 Based on your feedback, we are allowing you guys to create your own teams.
We encourage to be a part of a team and have diversity among the departments. 

You may also compete as an individual if you wish.

Register and complete the pre-evaluation for additional points on the calendar that will be sent out later this week.

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