Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cor et Anima- Heart and Soul- Community Day at St. Scholastica

To quote the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs Office, "Becoming is Understanding - Cor et Anima "To whom much has been given much will be required." (Luke 12:48) What a profound message. This statement certainly directs each community member toward a reality outside of ourselves. 
We can often get lost in the belief that it is the norm to be educated in a place like St. Scholastica. However, our institution's uniqueness makes that perception erroneous and your acceptance into the community a sincere privilege. 
Our founding Mothers had a collective vision for every student that attends this College and have placed an obligation on every faculty/staff person to guide our students toward that end. 
The "much has been given" speaks to the extraordinary opportunity St. Scholastica students have to be shaped in this unique way. Specifically, it speaks of the St. Scholastica experience which promotes the reality of each student's innate gifts and allows those abilities to be developed, formed and directed in light of our College Mission. 
The "much is required" calls each of our community members to take those developed and directed gifts and contribute them in a way that improves the common good. The founding Mothers believed that the visible act of utilizing these collective talents, when guided by their vision, would transform the world through loving service toward each other with the intention of justice for all of God's creatures. 
In order to embrace your opportunity to become St. Scholastica Cor et Anima, one must embrace the reality "To whom much has been given, much will be required." (Luke 12:48) "

Today we put these words into action as 700+ faculty, staff and students volunteer. Volunteer sites range from community churches, schools, on campus sites, outdoor projects and many more.  Community day is a chance for all of us at St. Scholastica to live out our mission. Once the Community day experience has ended -let's continue to rise to our full potential and live our the values each day- Cor et Anima!