Thursday, August 20, 2015

Commons Health 2015 Accountable Communities Conference

We are excited to share that Fairshare has been invited to present at Commons Health 2015 -

Accountable Communities Conference ( :  Advancing Integrative

Approaches to Community, Health and Well-being , September 9th and 10th, Duluth, MN. This unique

“unconference” draws attendees from across the mid-west and nationally.

Organized by the Commons Health Network (, this innovative conference

works to support and advance place-based health creation. We know that social determinants,-  where

we live, work and play – have the greatest influence on our health. By connecting integrative disciplines

and their  whole person ecological model of health, with community-based organizations, clinicians,

healthcare and business leaders Commons Health is helping advance a new community-driven “health

system”.  Clearly, we can see that food, farm, community and CSA’s are at the heart of the new health


 Last year’s inaugural conference drew clinicians, health systems and community organizations from

across the country. Though an emphasis on connection, relationship and collaboration, join with

national and state experts to advance integrated community health models.

Clinicians and healthcare leaders are looking for new approaches and understand the need to reach

outside of hospital walls for new allies and collaborations. What if we could align community strategies

to effectively move the needle on place based health creation and develop collaborative stewardship of

our health commons - the multitude of resources available for medical services and health promotion?

This is what people are saying

“"Thought provoking" ...."Loved the group enthusiasm" ...."New concepts, especially "creating health" as opposed to preventing or treating disease"....."This year was even better than last year" ....."the integrative philosophy was very exciting to me and the presenters moved their programs to inspire change"...... "there were so many moments in the conference that were thought provoking - it was so helpful to have the opportunity at the end to converse".
More information and agenda for this working conference see