Sunday, August 16, 2015

21 Healthy Habits to do in 30 Seconds or Less From the Cooper Clinic

Making healthy 
lifestyle changes
 does not have to be as difficult as it seems. 
Taking small steps every day to 
your health and wellness 
can make 
a profound impact on your life, 
leading to the successfu
accomplishment of your health 
a preventive medicine physician at
the challenge of balancing work,
 family and social obligations
 with maintaining a healthy 
and active lifestyle. 
Her list of 21 healthy habits 
that can be completed 
in 30 seconds or less
 is the perfect
into making positive lifestyle 
changes despite a hectic schedule:

1.    Apply sunscreen
2.    Take the stairs
3.    Drink water
4.    Walk to your coworker’s desk instead of sending him or her an email
5.    Take a deep breath (or two!)
6.    Get up and stretch every hour
7.    Take a vitamin D supplement
8.    Grab something for breakfast
9.    Smile
10.  Laugh
11.  Self-breast exam
12.  Self-testicular exam
13.  Call your doctor to schedule a lipid check
14.  Check your blood pressure
15.  Floss
16.  Put your seat belt on
17.  Grab a handful 
of nuts for a snack
18.  Do a good deed
19.  Eat a piece of fruit
20.  Do a downward dog
21.  Put on sunglasses 
to protect your eyes when outside
It is never too late to 
make positive changes 
your health and wellness routines. 
Remember to set small,
 everyday goals that
 are attainable
 and that 
lead into larger, 
harder-to-reach goals 
that may take more time 
to accomplish. 
Small adjustments can 
to vast improvements 
when it comes to y
our health, 
so have the courage to take your 
first step today.
What will you do today?
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 Cooper Aerobics Marketing and Communications.