Friday, May 1, 2015

Turning Tips Into Habits

It’s not possible to eliminate stressors from our lives. Yet making stress management habits a regular part of life, like brushing your teeth, is a powerful way to help ensure our responses to everyday stressors is a healthy one.

And nobody knows this better than the employees who signed up for the In Tune wellness incentive challenge. Here are just a few of the stress management strategies that employees experimented with during this 6-week program.
  • Fitness: Eating foods that boost the immune system, getting 7-8 hours of restful sleep, and strengthening the heart and lungs with regular exercise are key to maintaining a healthy and strong body capable of withstanding the physical response to stress.
  • Relaxation: Yoga, tai chi, meditation, centering, progressive relaxation, and massage were just a few of the techniques that helped calm the mind and rejuvenate energy levels.
  • Social Harmony: Whether it was a walk with a friend, potluck dinner with the neighbors, or simply reaching out to a family member, employees sought out meaningful connections with others.
  • Clarity: Establishing boundaries and practicing good time management was much easier to do when employees let their values and beliefs guide them to their priorities.
Transitioning stress management tips into habits will be the ongoing challenge for everyone. The effort is worth it as good stress coping skills help individuals better appreciate the symphony of life.
Kudos to the employees who successfully completed In Tune!
For more a five minute meditation and more check out the WELLU resource page,