Friday, May 29, 2015

Nurture Your Spirit

Nurture Your Spirit

While some of us may pray at mosques, churches and temples, others meditate, enjoy nature, exercise and belong to support groups to connect to our “higher” selves.

Whatever we choose and whatever our belief system, what seems to be universal is the importance of nurturing our “spirit” on a regular basis.

Although we all tap into our inner joy differently, it’s the intrinsic quality that we connect to that counts.

Regardless, spirituality offers many possible benefits, including better mood, less anxiety and depression and even fewer aches and illnesses.

Other benefits include:
  • reassuring belief in a greater force or being

  • sense of purpose and meaning

  • focus on your own or universal wisdom

  • way to understand suffering

  • connection with others

  • reminder of the good in the world
Action Tips:

  • Volunteer -with a religious group, non-profit or charity.

  • Join a religious institution- Research shows that people who attend a house of worship regularly are happier and healthier, most likely due to the social connection involved.

  • Meditate- If more traditional practices are not for you, you might try meditation. Research shows that meditation can help with anxiety and depression, cancer, chronic pain, asthma, heart disease and high blood pressure.

  • Be open to new experiences- Nurture your spirit with nature, music, art, sports or whatever feels right for you.

  • Connect with Your Deepest Self- Find some time each day to think about who you are and want to be in the world. Figuring out what's really important to you can minimize daily stress.
Source:Take Care of your Spirit” Mental Health America
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