Sunday, April 12, 2015

National Healthcare Decisions Day

Can you fathom being in a hospital, and unable to speak? What decisions regarding your well-being would be made?

April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day, which is an initiative to bring awareness to this issue. National Healthcare Decision Day encourages patients to express their wishes related to healthcare, and for providers/facilities to respect those wishes.

Dilemma~ Studies reveal that most Americans have not exercised their right to make decisions about health care, through advance directives, if they become unable to speak for themselves.

Solution~ National Healthcare Decisions Day will help raise awareness of the importance in making future health care decisions.

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What is the Federal Patient Self-Determination Act, and why is it important to National Healthcare Decisions Day?

This act requires all Medicare-participating healthcare facilities to do three main efforts to ensure their patients are aware of health care decisions.

  1. Provide information about health care decision-making rights
  2. Ask all patients if they have an advance directive
  3. Educate their staff and community about Advance Directives

National Healthcare Decisions Day wants everyone to know about this act, so that patients will exercise their right!

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Do you know what an Advance Directive is?

An Advance Directive allows adults to make decisions regarding their health before they are unable to speak for themselves. Advance Directives come in two main forms: a “healthcare power of attorney” and a “living will”. A healthcare power of attorney allows people to document the person they select to be their voice, for healthcare decisions, in the event they are unable to speak for themselves. A living will documents what kinds of medical treatments a person would or would not want at the end of their life.

Facts about Advance Directives
~Less than 50% of the severely or terminally ill patients studied had an Advance Directive in their medical record
~Only 12% of patients with an Advance Directive had received input from their physician in its development
~Between 65-76% of physicians whose patients had an Advance Directive were not aware that it existed
For more information about how you can get an Advance Directive visit this link-

Can you fathom being in a hospital, and unable to speak? What decisions regarding your well-being will YOU make? Exercise your right to make decisions regarding your health with the help from National Healthcare Decisions Day!

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