Tuesday, March 31, 2015

National Walking Day!

April 1st is National Walking Day
Why walk?
Have you heard of the "sitting disease" it is a popular term used to describe the lack of activity in the average American life.  Too much sitting has been associated with 34 chronic diseases or conditions including heart disease, diabetes, back pain and depression. It can also shorten their lifespans.
One solution to cure sitting disease is. walking.  While popular work outs such as boot camps and HITT offer fabulous workouts, they are not practical when it comes to adding activity throughout your daily life. 
Try to get up and walk around several times a day, even if it’s for only five to 10 minutes at a time. Studies show you will be healthier, happier and get even better results in your other workouts. 
Now is the perfect time to start walking. April 1st is National Walking Day.  The American Heart Association is aiming to get all Americans on their feet for 30 minutes of walking (even in small 10-minute bouts). And hopefully, you will continue.
How can I increase my activity?
Consider participating in one of the Well U programs described below or join the Well U Walking Club. Every Thursday the walking club meets in the Mitchell Auditorium Lobby at 12 pm.  

Shape Up Personal Fitness

Shape Up's mission is to Shape Healthy Attitudes towards Personal Exercise! This is your campus resource for personal fitness! WellU at The College of St. Scholastica has developed this program with your personalized fitness needs in mind.
Whether you are looking for educational resources regarding fitness and exercise, need help in creating or revamping your current exercise routine, or would like to meet with an exercise specialist who can point you in the right direction, Shape Up is perfect for you! Your free exercise mentor will help you achieve your fitness goals by assisting and training you no matter your fitness level or ability.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is a resource to develop an action plan to achieve wellness with the help from WellU staff. The first session is an opportunity to discuss goals, review lifestyle habits, and configure an action plan. WellU can help with achieving fitness goals, nutrition goals, smoking cessation, stress relief, weight loss, and more! With the health coaching program, there are also two follow up sessions where progress is discussed and adjustments are made to plan if necessary.

Registering for a Shape Up or Health Coaching Session

WellU uses IMLeagues for all program registration. To sign up for Shape Up or Health Coaching visit www.imleagues.com. If you are unsure how to use IMLeagues click HERE, please email wellu@css.edu with any questions.