Friday, February 27, 2015

Wellness is Action: Well U is offering Health Coaching!

Here at CSS we have a culture to strive to be better, which is why WellU has created Health Coaching. Health Coaching consists of three separate sessions with Dr. Gen Ludwig. The first session is an hour long discussion about lifestyle habits and any wellness goals that you would like to achieve. Dr. Gen Ludwig can help with fitness goals, nutrition goals, smoking cessation, stress relief, and weight loss. Once you and Gen have established goals, she will help you create an action plan. The following two sessions are 15 minute check-ins where your action plan will be adjusted if necessary.

Another great program that WellU has which complements Health Coaching is Shape Up! Shape Up is three hour-long sessions where you train with an athletic trainer. Shape Up can be used to mix-up, improve, or create a workout plan!

IF you can’t do great things,
do small things in a great way-Napoleon Hill

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Take the first small step to achieving wellness and sign up for a Health Coaching session with Dr. Gen Ludwig! Sign up for Health Coaching and Shape Up are both facilitated through imleagues. Please email with any questions. Stay healthy!