Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Well U Award Winners!

WELLU Award of Achievement WINNERS for February!
 CSS Student, Alvaro Hernandez
CSS Faculty/Staff, Bret Johnson
Alvaro Hernandez Well U Award Winner
According to his peers and mentors, Alvaro is an exceptional individual, student, and leader here on campus. Alvaro is a very dedicated student, who knows the importance of working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Alvaro always cooks his own meals, and always makes sure that they are low on calories. Not only this, but Alvaro loves to cook with organic food, and is always stressing about the importance of eating at home and not just in restaurants. As previously mentioned, according to his peers, Alvaro can always be seen at the gym running or playing soccer. As an international student from Colombia, Alvaro is always stressing the importance of keeping a balanced lifestyle to the younger international students, and to his other peers on campus. Alvaro is a true leader on campus, founding the Entrepreneurship Club two years ago, and being a committed and innovative leader of The Cable. 
Bret Johnson Well U Award Winner
Bret Johnson, a Chemistry professor, here at CSS is the Faculty/StafFebruary winner for the Award of Achievement. According to his students Bret is passionate about running and is always training for half and full marathons. He also has some friendly competition with another Chemistry professor at Scholastica, which shows his drive to improve. Bret also encompasses the intellectual aspect of WellU because of his desire to continuously learn more about his field. His current research focuses on the synthesis of crystalline coordination polymers synthesized from transition metals and linear, bidenate ligands that occlude discrete metal-oxygen nanoclusters as counterions. Being a Chemistry professor, Bret is very proud that he has only set off the fire alarm once! Bret is definitely everything that the WELLU award encompasses and more.

To enter your submission for the Well U Award go to Saints Well U Award on the www.css.edu/wellu webpage.