Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No Friends At Work Rule?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with thoughts of how to show appreciation for others, WellU will be hosting two Breakfast Potlucks on Feb 23rd from 7am- 8am and from 8am-9am.  The Breakfast Potluck is a chance for you to spend some time with your colleagues and bring your favorite breakfast dish to share!
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Eggs in a Mug!
According to Dorie Clark of Forbes magazine embracing friendship at work can provide many benefits.  The article, “ Debunking The 'No Friends At Work' Rule: Why Friend-Friendly Workplaces Are The Future”  presents three strategies to create friendship.  It may no longer be taboo to have friendly workplaces.   
Number 1…focus on building relationships one person at a time, developing a deep relationship
Number 2…sharing ourselves can be risky but is necessary in order to develop a relationship
Number 3…..step outside your comfort zone & get to know someone that isn't exactly like you

For more information check out the article

Our newest resource is the addition of a Shape Up/Health Coach to our team.  I am happy to introduce Gen Ludwig.  Gen is a certified Athletic Trainer and has her Doctorate of Education from Walden University.  She is happy to work with us to deliver the Shape Up and Health Coaching programs.
Please spread the word that Shape Up will continue and sign up for an appointment today! Click the link to sign up

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