Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let your voice be heard! Participate in a WellU Focus Group

Well U is conducting a series of focus groups.  A focus group is a group of a variety of individuals who are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes concerning a specific subject manner. 
We are conducting this focus group because we want to be able to make the ideas of WellU better fit the St. Scholastica community.

Your participation in this study will be extremely valuable to both current and future members of the St. Scholastica community.  You will also be reimbursed for you time with a lunch and a chance to win a $25 visa gift card.  The research study will occur March 6th or March 20th at 12pm.  The focus group will last about one and a half hours.  You would only need to participate in one focus group.
In order to achieve the best results, the follow criteria is required:
·                  Currently working at the Duluth Main Campus

·                  Above the age of 22

·                  A faculty or staff member at CSS

If you wish to be part of this great opportunity we ask that you return the following information by February 27th to show that you are interested in participating in this focus group.  If you are uninterested in participating, there is no need for a response.  The information we ask for may be returned by e-mail to Julie Zaruba Fountaine at The information that should be returned is as follows:

Preferred E-mail:

Are you currently enrolled as a student?   Yes   No

Are you a faculty or staff member at CSS?   Yes     No

Please state if you can attend on March 6th or March 20th or if you can attend either session.

 Thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via e-mail 
Julie Zaruba Fountaine- or by phone 218-625-4914