Thursday, January 22, 2015

Well U Employee Challenge Summary!

The Well U Wellness Wheel Challenge has ended, below are the final results.
Well U Wellness Wheel.PNG

Challenge by the numbers

11 total teams

Over 45 participants

Teams represented many different departments across campus.

Comments from participants:

It was a fun, easy way to bring our team together.”

“It made me look at multiple aspects of health/wellness (financial, intellectual, spiritual) as well as the physical activity and nutritional.”

“I enjoyed the team support and being a member of a team from a different department. It also motivated me to incorporate additional healthy changes into my life & maintain them. It also motivated me to push my husband to do it as well. It re-awakened my awareness of the importance of exercise and healthy eating, which can easily slip because life gets too busy & I put too many”

“Overall, I liked that this one incorporated all aspects of wellness and striving to be healthy.  I think future challenges like this one would be great!”

“Please keep it up. I like the Wellness programs.”

“Very enjoyable challenge with lots of support provided by WellU.  Enjoyed the emails, the blog & the tips as well.  I think this all contributed to my success.”

Thanks for the challenge. It did make me take a broader perspective on my wellness evaluation.”

Below are a few photos from our Well U Wellnees Wheel Challenge Potluck. A special thanks to the CSS Steel Drum Band!
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