Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Spreading Wellness: Who helped to foster your courage, dreams and ambitions?

As I sit here next to the Christmas tree, I reminisce about my days of youth...and the traditions that we had as a family. Growing up in a Finnish home, sauna and skiing were a large part of our festivities. Christmas was always such a magical time of year. The lights, the decorations, the concerts, the music, and the gently falling snowflakes.

This time of year I get a little sentimental, and enjoy time alone in reflection. This year, I've been reflecting upon the influence of one of my Grandpa's. As a child whenever we visited this Grandpa and Grandma in the winter, we had to bring our cross-country skis, and it was a bonus if we remembered our sleds. Grandpa groomed his own ski trail with his snowshoes, and then went around with his skis to make grooves, and he always liked when we would do at least 1 lap on a visit. As a very young child, I remember the big hills that he would pack down, and I remember watching the big kids go up and down, wishing I could try them...and I remember finally being big enough to try them by myself. Such an adrenaline rush! Always after skiing, we would pile into the sauna. Wonderful memories...Because he shared his passion for skiing and the outdoors, I was blessed with an understanding and appreciation for outdoor fitness, and it became a large part of who I am. 

This appreciation for fitness and the outdoors helped influence my decision to enter the world of health, rehab, and holistic wellness. It is hard to believe, but during my reflections this fall, I realized that it is going to be 2015 pretty soon! This means that I saw my very first client in health and wellness 18 years ago; and, I have been participating in ski events/races for 30 years! It is this experience that I bring with me during my wellness coaching, and classes that I teach. New Year's in coming, and many have New Year's resolutions. So sign up today for one of our WellU programs. IMLeagues registration opens today, at noon. So check it out (www.imleagues.com). Upon your requests, we have added 15 minute afternoon movement and stretching sessions!

And as you gather with your friends and family this holiday season, I encourage you to consider who helped to foster your courage, dreams, and ambitions in life. And, if they are still with us, send them a note of "Thanks," or better yet, pay them a visit and deliver your appreciation in person. It is always wonderful to share in each others dreams. And, maybe more importantly, how are you helping to foster the dreams and ambitions of your loved ones?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!