Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spreading Wellness: What are the three simplest letters that create one of the most powerful questions?

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." 
~Mahatma Ghandi

Have you ever asked and received? Have you ever wondered, and been verified? Have you ever asked the question, "Why?" One of the great professors that I had during my educational career taught us more about life than the subject matter...what I really mean, is that he had an incredible way of sharing a holistic view on life in regards to health, food, the environment, and nutrition. He had an amazing ability to help us learn how to ask critical questions. The greatest question in the world is one that our children teach us on a daily basis, especially the toddlers...that infamous question, "Why?"

There have been a number of great employees here at CSS who have asked me that question lately as I'm planning for next semester. I have been so grateful for people who have the ability to ask, because it makes me think about programming in a different light. It has helped to guide the programs that are on the menu for next semester, and it has helped me grow as a professional as well.

A few of the questions have led to changes already. One of them being that we now have an "Activity Contact List" available to everyone on our WellU Resource page. Here is the link:  http://www.css.edu/administration/wellu/faculty-and-staff/resources.html. Look for the "WellU Activity Contact List" under WellU Program Additional Resources. This resource is to help employees make connections with others on campus who may want to participate in similar activities, but maybe don't know who they are. For example, if you are looking for a walking partner, jogging partner, a yoga friend, or ride share partner, you can look for others interested in that same activity on this list! :)

You may have started to see the "12 days of wellness" emails, which feature spring 2015 programming. You will find new programs for the spring, and some that were sparked by people having the courage to ask me, "Why not?" In fact, this week our walking club is going SLEDDING! :) Maybe you want to join the fun?! If so, take your snowpants, maybe a sled, and meet us in the Mitchell Foyer at noon on Thursday. It is sure to be a great time!

If you have an idea, thought, question, comment, or concern, please feel free to ask/share with me, in person or via email. If you would like to have a discussion, I'd love to meet for tea. We at WellU are always open to listening, discussing, and tailoring our programs to the employee needs. We of course cannot accommodate everyone/everything, but we will certainly try our best. And, it never hurts to ask, because, you just might get what you ask for! :)

I urge you today, to consider asking yourself or those around you, that question that we as parents should encourage our children to ask, that big question, "Why?" :-) Make it a great day!