Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spreading Wellness: How are you inspiring those around you?

"Live Happy, Dream Big, and Smile!" 
~Jodi L. Tervo's motto/mantra...inspired by a HS teacher...~

Mr. Olson, my high school English teacher, challenged me to write my own poems in order to heal from life's events/losses. As I reflect upon my journey, I realize how important those words were to me. At that time I didn't feel like I had meaningful thoughts to share with others, let alone, write poetry. I loved reading poetry, and it helped me to heal from life’s losses…but, write my own?! However, with his encouragement, I began writing my thoughts and feelings. He even allowed me to turn papers into him that were for my personal healing. Critiquing and encouraging me to continue. 
Early on, when I was still "practicing how to write poetry," I was able to reflect upon who I wanted to become, and what life meant to me. It came back to the simple words, "Live Happy, Dream Big, and Smile!" People always told me that I had a great smile. So I knew that my mantra needed the word "Smile." It was the one thing that connected others to myself. In a world of social beings, it was the one thing that kept me in a group, even if few interacted with me. So early on, these six simple words became my mantra through difficult times, and slowly they became a part of my daily thinking.

Years later, I can see the incredible power that these six words had on my life! I learned early on in my professional career, that I am a big picture person, a visionary, and a "get it done" person. The “don't just talk about it, do something about it,” sort of person.
Life continued...and after almost 2 decades worth of experience in health, wellness, rehab and education, I continue to enjoy helping my clients, no matter their age or ability, which is one of  my many strengths! I LOVE to empower clients to reach their dreams, and jump over hurdles in life. Cheering them along and celebrating their successes! :)

I now use blogging as a way to help inspire others to reach for their dreams! Mr. Olson, a teacher whom unfortunately I haven't kept in touch with, has been a huge inspiration in my personal and professional career. As a teacher myself, I often think about how I may touch the lives of others. Maybe I won't know about the positive impact I inspire, but it is my wish, that every day that I engage with my students/clients, there may be a new chance to help inspire them to reach for their dreams!  

Recently, I listened to a story about a woman connecting  people of different backgrounds so they could capitalize on each others strengths, to do good in the world. She called herself an "Opportunity Maker." It was so inspiring. As we come to the close of this fall semester, I want you to reflect upon your personal and professional careers. Have you been an "Opportunity Maker?" Can you recall a teacher who had a positive impact on your life? Have you been able to touch the lives of your students/colleagues in a way that you may never realize? Each day, we have a new opportunity to become "Opportunity Makers" and inspire others to reach for their dreams. 

At CSS, we all have the ability to touch the lives of others. May this upcoming Winter Break, rejuvenate you all, so that when we get together again in January, we are all able to maximize our abilities to make a difference in the lives of others! 

When you return, you will be able to engage in programs that WellU provides to all employees, to help you continue that feeling of rejuvenation....Stay on the look out for registration for Well U Employee Programs, on imleagues.com. I will let you know when registration is open. With New Year's Resolutions around the corner, maybe the employee wellness programs can help you accomplish them. :)

If you would like to hear the story about "Opportunity Makers," please feel free to click on this link.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!