Friday, December 5, 2014

Active at Home

Active at Home

Many of us spend a lot of time at home sitting or laying down. So, how do we incorporate activity into our routines at home? It’s simply a matter of how we choose to spend our time. We can lay on the couch and watch T.V. or we can choose to stretch instead (and still watch our favourite show!) Whatever you choose, be sure it’s simple and fun (for yourself and/or the whole family!)

Here are a few simple tips on building physical activity into your home life:
  • Begin/end your day with a 10-minute walk around the neighbourhood, maybe start a neighbourhood walking group!

  • Come up with a simple bending and stretching routine while you watch TV.

  • Do household chores like vacuuming or washing windows.

  • Create a garden or use planters on your balcony.

  • Do active outdoor work. Pull weeds, rake leaves, trim hedges, and use a push mower.

  • Wash and wax your car.

  • Dance 15 minutes to your favorite music.

  • Run up and down stairs several time a day just for fun.

  • Reduce the time spent in front of the TV/computer.

  • Keep the "parent taxi service" to a minimum. Walk your children to visit friends, to the library and to sporting events.

  • For trips less than 1 mile leave the car parked and walk, rollerblade or cycle.

  • Purchase your daily newspaper from a convenience store and walk there.

  • Walk your dog or your neighbour’s dog twice a day.

  • Avoid the television/stereo remote control.

  • Walk around the house while talking on your cordless phone.

  • Make one night of the week family activity night.

  • Go grocery shopping at a local market, buy only what you need for the next couple days and walk home with a couple bags.

  • For more information on living a balanced life check out the Well U webpage which contains a Stewardship is Seconds Webinars series with topics ranging from Desktop Dining and Exercises to 5 minute relaxation exercises.
Source:Source: County of Lambton Community Health Services Department