Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Spreading Wellness: Let your words echo...who will you inspire with your story?

Early in life I experienced great loss...the loss of inspirational friends and loved ones, to cancer and car accidents. Friends that would have grown up to be great leaders and good people, that would have helped to spread smiles. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom, sobbing, wondering the infamous question, "Why?" These moments significantly shaped me into who I am today. For me, the support of positive friends, family and my faith helped me through these times of struggle, seeking quotes and verses about hope and love...always remembering, always compassionate, forever in love. Not easy, but gaining resources and support daily to work through the millions of questions that ran through my adolescent head. Realizing at this young time of life, that we never know how long it is, so it was my duty to live as best as I could to my fullest potential...to try and share positivity and love with the world, just as my former friends would have done. This has been something I try hard to keep at my core, sometimes it dims, and sometimes it shines brighter. Life is about the little moments...that is one matra I began adopting in early adulthood. I continue to pray for that strength and courage to remember the internal mission to pass along love and support to others.

Last week we had news of change here at the College of St. Scholastica, and I had the privilege of meeting one of our community members that we will be losing due to the recent cuts. Not knowing what to say, I extended a hug. This is a great person, with great supportive friends. These are tough times, and I encourage everyone to be thinking positive thoughts for our community. Mourn our losses, process together, and be strengthened by the words from Mother Teresa, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” 

Sometimes we do not know what to say, but kindness can be felt. We encourage you to share your story about adversity, support, love, encouragement, and/or hope below in our comments section. The next few blog entries will be about building a supportive environment and community, by sharing your wellness stories. These shared stories can be part of your Wellness Challenge (challenge info blog post will be Thursday), but more importantly, we hope that people will feel an openness to share, in support of our community. We never know how our stories can help someone else in time of need. We never truly know who we inspire by sharing our story. We encourage you to let your words of support and encouragement be echoed throughout our community...

For those that are looking for support, CSS does have resources...our EAP program is here for you (https://www.powerflexweb.com/1076/affinity_login.html). 

Also, here are a couple of informational links to help you build your own resilience. 

Thinking about everyone as we transition through this change...and encouraging you to share your story, and allowing your words to echo...