Thursday, November 13, 2014

Expanding Your Wellness Wheel Sign Up Today!

WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge

Do you find yourself stuck in the same workout routine, week after week? Do you want to start the habit of becoming more physically active? Do you want a way to physically and mentally challenge yourself? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, WellU has the perfect opportunity for you. November 17th is the kick-off of the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge!

Last year we had over 120 participants that challenged themselves to live a WellU lifestyle with the help from two different challenges! Our wellness challenges are the perfect opportunity for you to challenge yourself to be active with the support from a team.

The objective of the challenge is to be the team with the most points. The winner of the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge will be announced at the Wellness Challenge Banquet on Tuesday, January 20th at 12:00pm. You can earn points by walking, canoeing, mediation/prayer, chewing sugar free gum, and much more! 

How to Register Through IMLeagues

  • Type in “College of St. Scholastica” into the school search engine.
  • Login or create an account.
  • Once you are logged in, the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge can be found under “fitness.”
  • Find the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge on the calendar, or search for it under the “classes” tab.
  • Once you have clicked on “WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge,” click the green "sign up" button.
Let the games begin!

What is the Wellness Wheel?

The name of this faculty and staff wellness challenge was inspired by one of our newest interactive tools, the Wellness Wheel. This wheel is displayed on our website, The purpose of this wellness wheel is to demonstrate the aspects of WellU, and what programs our CSS community has to offer that can help enrich different sections of the wellness wheel. On the WellU website there is an interactive wellness wheel. This wheel will bring you directly to the registration of various activities, or bring you to a page with more information if registration isn’t necessary.

Why did we choose the Wellness Wheel to be the inspiration of this challenge?

While brainstorming various themes for this year’s faculty and staff wellness challenge, the first that came to mind was our Wellness Wheel. We believe that the Wellness Wheel is the perfect tool to help those who are looking to enrich their lives in multiple aspects. The challenge to keep in mind throughout this challenge is: how much will your team’s Wellness wheel expand? We envision your personal Wellness Wheel growing as you feel more comfortable with a certain aspect/section of the wheel. WellU wants participants to concentrate on enriching their lives in more than one way. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end”. WellU believes that you will live a less stressful life, the fuller your Wellness Wheel circle is. Once you create the habit of living a WellU lifestyle, it will feel like second nature and will be “repeated without end”. The WellU Wellness Wheel challenge is the perfect opportunity to incorporate our Wellness Wheel into your daily lives.

If you have any questions regarding the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge, please email