Monday, November 17, 2014

Challenge yourself today and Grow! Sign up for the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge for all employees

WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge Update

Challenge yourself today; even though the challenge has started it is not too late to sign up! Form a team of 2-10 and sign up through IMLeagues.

On November 27th friends and families will come together to share laughter, conversation, and a delicious meal. Thanksgiving is a time to relax with those you care about, and to forget about day-to-day stressors. On this delightful holiday the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge will have been going on for ten days. What better time to challenge yourself to become aware of how physically and nutritiously balanced your lifestyle is? WellU is not asking you to hold back from enjoying this holiday with your friends and family; but instead, challenging you to get a group together to go for a walk after your meal to enjoy the fresh air instead of falling into a turkey coma.

There are already numerous teams signed up and eager to begin their eight-week challenge to expanding their personal Wellness Wheel. As mentioned in a previous posting, the Wellness Wheel can be found at, and this is a tool to help you reflect on how balanced your life is considering seven different aspects. Our Wellness Wheel considers seven different qualities that we want everyone to feel comfortable with in order to live a happier and less stressful life. Our Wellness Wheel challenges individuals to reflect on how confident they feel with their spirituality, finances, eco-friendliness, physical ability, social wellness, emotional stability, and intellectual mindset.

How can you improve on each section of your personal Wellness Wheel throughout the challenge?

During the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge participants will record healthy choices in order to earn points (once teams are signed up they receive a detailed list). As individuals and teams are striving to earn points, they will also be expanding their Wellness Wheel. Although ways to earn points seem to specifically concentrate on the physical section, there are many ways to earn points that will improve more than one section.

Emotional: Being in control of emotional stability will help you feel confident in your day-to-day activities. WellU believes if a person is confident with this aspect of the Wellness Wheel, they will be able to approach the rest of the sections with confidence.

Spiritual: Spirituality means different things to different people, yet we are each seeking for meaning in life’s big questions. Benedictine spirituality is concerned with seeking the answers to these questions in the midst of our lives. Feeling confident with the aspect will help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Financial: Everybody has different standards for their personal finances. What’s important with this aspect of the Wellness Wheel is that YOU are comfortable with your financial stability.

Environmental: It is important to take care of the beautiful earth that we inhibit. This aspect of the Wellness Wheel can expand in an infinite amount of ways. What do you do to practice eco-friendliness?

Social: Everyday people interact with other individuals, but how comfortable are they with their social skills? Feeling comfortable to hold a conversation with others is vital to living a happier lifestyle.

Physical: Being physically active has many advantages. Expanding this section of the Wellness Wheel will not only help you relieve stress, but make you feel confident with your body.

Intellectual: Our brains are capable of achieving the impossible. If individuals did not use their brain to challenge themselves, we would not have many of the technologies we now rely on.

If you are already signed up for the WellU Wellness Wheel challenge and want your team to receive 25 bonus points share your WellU story or goal setting form on this post in the comments section (be sure to include your team name!). A WellU story is how you overcame or are working to overcome a wellness challenge, and the goal setting form can be found on IMLeagues where you registered for the challenge.

Completing the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge will help you expand your Wellness Wheel, and feel more confident in your own skin.  Challenge yourself today; even though the challenge has started it is not too late to sign up! Form a team of 2-10 and sign up through IMLeagues. Visit for more information or email with any questions.