Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spreading Wellness: What is your story about the Power of Connection?

Have you ever wondered about the interconnections of life?  Or, the importance of the birds to help spread seeds, which grow into beautiful flowers, that we humans later pluck from the earth to create centerpieces on our tables?  Have you ever pondered what creates community, and mini-communities within each large community?

Riding a motorbike has demonstrated to me a strong sense of community, connection, commonality, and even has demonstrated a deep sense of empathy.  No matter if I am heading towards my bike, riding it, or near it, I am often stopped by faculty, staff, students, and otherwise random strangers, who would have easily passed me by if I hadn't been a biker.  I have broken down in my regular vehicle before, dusk settling in quickly, in no cell phone reception areas, actively looking for help, but it has taken sometime hours for someone to stop.  However, when riding my bike through the country roads of Wisconsin with my husband this summer, my bike died, and he didn't realize it.  I knew he would turn around eventually, and it took him maybe 5 minutes to come back.  However, within that time, another fellow biker had stopped to see if I needed help.  I wasn't actively looking for someone to stop, I was just sitting on my bike, on side of the road, waiting patiently.  This feeling of empathy comes through a strong sense of community among the biker world.  At least that is my perception, and it is so positive.  I love being able to meet other individuals and have real conversations with them, simply because we have that commonality and love of the wind blowing across our faces, and feeling every element change in the environment that we are riding through.  Motorbikes are not the only way to improve empathy and connection in our communities, just a nice and real example.

Photo from our CSS Website
We have a highly recognized woman coming to visit the College of St. Scholastica next week, to share with us her knowledge and understanding of the Power of Connection.  Dr. Judith Jordan will be presenting to our community (public welcome) on Tuesday, October 28th, from 6-8 p.m. in the Mitchell Auditorium.  She will examine the power of connection in our lives, and we invite everyone to attend.  She is a powerful speaker, being brought to our campus by WellU and the Social Work Department.

Maybe you will be enlightened, uplifted, or gain a deeper understanding of your Power of Connection.  So we challenge you to make the time, for yourself and those you interact with, to come and learn from Dr. Judith Jordan, October 28th.  She is also offering an interactive workshop on Wednesday, October 29th, and it qualifies for CEU credits from the MN Board of Social Work.  For more information:

Please share with us, your story about the power of connection in your life.