Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spreading Wellness: Can you spy the buck?

Last year I was introduced as a new community member at the College of St. Scholastica, as one of the personal trainers for Well U.  Many of my clients talked about the trails around campus, but being here such limited time, I never had the opportunity to explore. This year, my role has expanded to make the Employee side of WellU a bit more cohesive, so I was given permission, and encouraged to explore these trails. During my first week here, I thought I would take the time to find routes to share with my Shape Up clients, and headed out into the woods. The woods always have felt like home to me, so it was exciting to be exploring...within the stillness and smells of the forest, but after a while I realized that the trails weren't marked very well...at all...and I began to wonder exactly how and when I would get back to my office. I kept moving, and reflected upon what I had seen...I went past the cemetery, I found a tepee, a statue, a quarry, an 8 point buck, a random patch of delicious raspberries, the backyards of some beautiful homes, a whole bunch of surrounding roads and apartment complexes, and about an hour later I found a sign "The Valley Trail," which led me back to the football field. Although it was a fantastic experience, a beautiful walk/jog, I realized it would be important to have maps before sending my clients out into the "Back 40."

We are proud to say, that the first stage of our walking maps are available!  We have not been able to map out the "Back 40" yet, but our student interns have maps of indoor, and roadway walks for a variety of distances. You must be wondering where to find these maps? Great! We hope to see you at our Well U fair tomorrow, Wednesday, October 29th from 11-1 in the Student Union. The students are continuing to work on the trail maps, which will include distances.

Our Walking Club has explored the beauty of our back trails this fall, and would be happy to share their routes as a walking buddy with those who are unfamiliar. So if you want to learn about the trails, you are still welcome to join our Walking Club, or ask a colleague who may know about the trails.  And, as soon as our trail maps are available, we will let you know! Until then, maybe you want to go explore on your own, and see if you can spy the 8 point buck!