Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spreading Wellness: How are you preparing for winter?

The smell of freshly turned dirt, the grit clinging to the fingers and underneath the nails, and the bursting aroma of tomato plants when a small bright orange ball is plucked from the plant.  Yes, harvesting season is upon us and preparations have begun for the long hard winter ahead.  The winters that we have come to expect, long and cold.  The freezer is plugged in and the vegetables, sauces, salsa, and soups are beginning to pile up inside.

October is a month that many people from around the world have come together to eat as unprocessed as they can, taking a pledge for the month, and many have turned it into a lifestyle.  https://eatingrules.com/october-unprocessed-2014/ The concept is very interesting, and inviting.  Thinking about this word "unprocessed" is also an interesting thought.  As a farmer, processing food for winter is vital, but the process of freezing and canning our own food is so much different than the commercial food system of the United States.  When we grow our own food, and process it ourselves, we know exactly what has been put into it....into the dirt that the seeds need and into the vegetables that grew before they are frozen or canned.  This message then becomes more than about delicious food to eat, and more than about eating local.  It also becomes an environmental awareness project.

Challenge yourself today, to begin thinking about what you can do to help the health of your body and your earth.  Not everyone is able to grow their own food.  But there are other ways to take mini-steps to eating healthier for yourself and the earth.  Is there something you can change to eat less processed?  Happy Harvesting!