Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spreading Wellness: Do you know where the tepee is on campus?

There is a chill in the air, clouds rarely part, water falls randomly from the sky, sometimes more, sometimes less, leaves are falling more quickly with the increasing winds, and our heat is back on periodically.  The garden is yellowing, fruit is ripening, and harvesting season is in full force.  We are watching daily for frost warnings, in case we need to do a massive harvest. 

I'm still dreaming of the sun shining, and the rays warming the air again....however, I am thoroughly grateful for the past week of "Fall Summer" that we had.  But, after breaking out the wool sweater and scarf for work this morning, I'm also excited for a new season.  Closing that which is behind, and looking forward to a more peaceful season.  For me, winter is a time of peace, of true silence.  A time that I love to go out snowshoeing in the woods and listen to the nothingness, the stillness, and just simply be...watching the flakes softly flutter to the ground, gently, quietly, and with intention.  Piling up a blanket of insulation for our earth, and one that provides us a new reality of ground level.  Being able to walk closer to the tops of the trees, the snow filling in the imperfections along the trails, creating a new outer beauty.  The farmers almanac says it is going to be another hard winter, so I'm grateful for the neoprene face mask that I purchased on spring clearance after learning first hand what an early frost bite can do to winter fun. In the mean time, I am enjoying the smells of the fallen leaves as I walk the fantastic trails of Duluth and our Duluth CSS Campus.

Yes, winter is coming, the air is getting colder, and it may be easier to skip our daily lunch walks.  But that is why, we at Well U created a "Walking Club!" :-)  We heard the survey results, and are accommodating the requests of those that answered our questions.  October is "National Walking Month."  Thursday, October 2nd is our first "Walking Club" meeting.  The participants who join the walking club will determine where we walk.  If there are enough people to form a variety of distances walked, we will do that.  If some people want to walk indoors, and others outdoors, that will be accommodated as best as possible.  Like all of the Well U programs, the walking club will be tailored to the participants needs and requests.  We strive to program around you.  

In addition to the walking club, Well U has UMD Student Interns working on walking maps of our campus.  They are working on mapping indoor and outdoor trails of a variety of distances, so if you know that you have time for a 1 mile walk, you will have a quick reference for it.  

We are excited about launching both the walking program, and the walking maps!  If you are interested in walking, and perhaps need a little group motivation to continue walking now that the weather is cooling off, please join us!  Sign up is through IMLeagues.com.  And, maybe you will learn where the tepee is on campus! :)