Monday, September 29, 2014

Feet, Forks, Fingers, Sleep, Stress, and Love

What do feet, forks, fingers, sleep, stress and love have in common?  They all are parts of the key to living a balanced life.
According to Dr. Katz these six items are the Super 6 key items to promoting health, he specifically states an example of a cancer patient who is in remission throughout the article and what they can do to promote health.  Dr. Katz discusses the Super 6 in an article he wrote for the Huffington Post, which can be found here.
The article discusses how diet (forks), physical activity (feet), tobacco use (fingers), sleep, stress, and love affect your sense of well being.
What does Dr. Katz recommend?
In short, he suggests for the cancer patient who is in remission a diet of foods and beverages rich in antioxidants, such as green or white tea.  For more information on which diet is best check out the Can We Say What Diet is Best? Blog Post.
Most of us know that regular physical activity (feet) is associated with enhanced immune function, weight management, reduced inflammation and reduced risk of cancer. We also know that eliminating tobacco use from our lives also improves health.  If you follow the first three of the Super 6 meaning, eating a nutritious diet, being physically active, and not using tobacco you will decrease the risk of all chronic disease by roughly 80 percent.

The last three of the final six are included because they are essential aspects of a balanced lifestyle.  There have been numerous studies on the effects of sleep on the human brain and body.  Lack of sleep as well as excess stress can have profound effects on psychology, immunology and neurology.  Making it a priority to sleep seven to nine hours of sleep a night and reduce the amount of chronic stress you have in your life will help reduce your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.
Lastly there is the final Super six element, love.  Human beings are social by nature and many studies have shown that individuals with loving relationships are much less vulnerable to chronic disease and death than those without.
The Super 6 may have been written for a cancer patient however these lessons are applicable for all of us.
You may need the help of others to increase the amount of love in your life but the other five factors are with in your control.  You can take steps today to move your feet or lift your fork filled with a nutritious bite.
For more information on living a balanced life check out the Well U webpage which contains a Stewardship is Seconds Webinars series with topics ranging from Desktop Dining and Exercises to 5 minute relaxation exercises.