Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Key Findings from the CSS Employee Interest Survey 2014

Key Findings from CSS Employee Interest Survey 2014

1) Most likely to participate in: Single Session workshops, Self directed programs (activity tracking), Health Screening, Newsletter, and online programs, group exercise
2) Most popular time? During lunch, mid afternoon
3) How many minutes should a wellness program be? 30 minutes to one hour
4) Willing to pay for a wellness program? Most would be willing to pay up to $50.00 a year
5) Participate without an incentive?  66% would participate without an incentive, financial rewards next popular response
6) Preferred Communication method (could select up to 2 responses) :87% prefer email, 42% COR announcements
7) Support of healthy policies? 53% decrease unhealthy options in vending machines, 89% continue tobacco free workplace, 84% accessible walking routes, write in: stand up desks
8) Barriers? 84% lack of time, 55% inconvenient location, 24% lack of management support, 24% job duties prevent, 11% privacy- write ins do not want students or others to see them working out or doing other activities when they are supposed to be working
9) Helpful wellness program? 58% extremely or somewhat helpful, 16% have not participate, 0% not at all

10) Readiness for change 59% have made changes but have had trouble following through, 30% have lived a healthy lifestyle for years 1% are not interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle

Over 20% of CSS employees completed the survey.

Based on the survey results and program evaluations from last year's wellness programs Well U will....

Continue Shape Up, Weight Management Program, Cardiovascular Clinic, and Newsletter

Implement A new Walking Program, Wellness Ambassador program, different wellness challenges, and Brown Bag lunches

Promote Online Webinar Series Stewardship in Seconds and Health Partners Web Resources

Improve Website, communication process and Registration process, increase number of employee only fitness opportunities, improve healthy food options
More information can be found on the Well U webpage under the Faculty/Staff Tab www.css.edu/wellu