Friday, May 2, 2014

Well U and Storm's Advocate End of the Year Report: over 50 events and 5600 cumulative students have participated!

You may have seen the signs “Well U presents…” or “Come join Storm’s Advocates…” but what has Storm’s Advocates and Well U been up to?
First of all, what is Well U and who are the Storm’s Advocates?  Well U is a campus wide initiative designed to increase awareness of the dimensions of wellness and to enable the St. Scholastica community to live out a balanced lifestyle. 
The Storm’s Advocates are student leaders who help carry out this mission.  They work under the direction of Julie Zaruba Fountaine, the Wellness Coordinator.   The Storm’s Advocates work diligently throughout the year to provide students with various opportunities to relax, have fun, learn about wellness and enjoy campus life. 
Some of the various activities sponsored by Storm’s Advocates and Well U include Bingo Night!, “Don’t Be A Grinch Stress Relief Programming”, and Random Acts of Kindness tabling.  The Well U office also provides the opportunity for students to develop lifelong skills through Cenergy! a personal training and wellness program, biofeedback training, emWaves training, and bright light therapy. 

This year the Storm’s Advocates and Well U have planned over 50 events with over 5,600 cumulative students participating in the events.  Current Storm’s Advocates include Keely Meagher, Alicia Roles, Jetsuen Wangmo, Bailey Opsal, Saydie Long and Kailee Ogden.  The Well U student interns include Domi Moreno and Lucas Steinbach.  Please congratulate these students on their hard work and dedication.  Last but not least, thank you to all of the different departments across campus that have partnered with Well U and the Storm’s Advocates, we appreciate your support!
If you are interested in or have any questions about Well U or the Storm’s Advocates please contact Julie Zaruba Fountaine at