Monday, May 12, 2014

Cost Savings from Health Partners

Cost saving tips

If you are a HealthPartners member, there are many ways you can save both time and money on your health. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started

1. Choose an in-network doctor

When it comes to picking a doctor, you can save money by choosing an in-network doctor. When a doctor is in-network it means they're covered by your plan and will likely cost you less. See if your doctor is in-network or search for a new one!

2. Become a smart shopper

Did you know the cost of care varies depending on the doctor you see and the clinic you go to? HealthPartners can help you become a saavy health care consumer with our cost calculators and tools. Choose your care based on cost and quality, compare doctors, estimate your annual medical expenses and see how much you might spend on a variety of treatments.

3. Find discounts for getting and staying healthy

Watching your weight or shopping for a new bike? Use your HealthPartners Member ID card to get discounts at popular retailers, just for being a member. Take a look at a full list of discounts and see how you can save!

4. Know where to go for care

When you're sick or injured, it can be confusing to know where to go for care. And a trip to the emergency room can cost you valuable time and money. Use this chart to help you get the best care while managing your out-of-pocket costs. Or, call one of our experienced CareLineSM nurses at the number on the back for you Member ID card. They can give you treatment advice and help you decide whether you need to see a doctor.

5. Get support from HealthPartners

One way you can save is by understanding your benefits. HealthPartners is here to help you do just that. If you have any questions about your benefits, claims, explanations of benefits or where to get care, call Member Services at the number on the back of your Member ID card.