Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ScholastiCAB for Duluth-based students

Woo hoo!  Student Senate, with particular leadership from Brandon Torres, is proud to announce that the ScholastiCAB program is officially happening starting Friday!  The following info went out to all Duluth-based students:

In collaboration with the University of Minnesota-Duluth and Custom Cab Co. It is my honor to announce that the "Scholasticab" program we have been developing in Student Senate has officially begun. The Scholasticab program works in conjunction with Custom Cab Co. to offer cab rides at 50% cost to the student (plus tip) within the Duluth area, excluding park point and West Duluth. 

If you wish to utilize this awesome program, please fill out this form, which further explains the program, its stipulations, and rules. In order to use the program you'll need a special hole punch on your student ID, which you can get in the Student Senate office (T81) beginning this Friday, February 14 if you complete the form. Again, the contact information for Custom Cab Co. is (218) 341-9711. Thanks to everyone who helped in making this program possible. Stay classy, CSS.