Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WELLU Award of Achievement Winners for December!

Sister Edith Bogue exemplifies many aspects of wellness. As a member of the “Agents of Change“ team, Sr.Edith was one of the faculty members that participated in the faculty/staff challenge, “Trek The Great Wall of China.” At this time, her team is in 6th place with 314,622 steps! In addition, Sr. Edith recently participated in a WELLU Cardiovascular Health Screening. On our challenge message board, she spoke of her phenomenal results by explaining that since February of 2013, her cholesterol reduced by 33%, her LDL levels reduced by 52%, and her triglycerides reduced by 27%! On top of that, her HDL levels, known as the ‘good cholesterol’ increased to 59! Sr. Edith attributes her success to weight loss, diet, exercise, sleep, and her sabbatical. Sr. Edith recently led a Coursera Statistics study group so it is clear that she incorporates balance into her life in a variety of ways. Finally, Sr. Edith signed up for a Shape Up assessment in December to further advance her physical fitness and reach her goals. If you see her in the halls, be sure to congratulate Sister Edith!
According to her peers and mentors, Briget Cojocar is an exceptional individual, student, and athlete here on campus. She lives a very active life-style on top of playing a high intensity sport, playing for the Women's Hockey Team. At the same time, Briget enjoys to eat healthy, specially her self-made soup. According to her peers, Briget always carries her bag of vegetables and water bottle with her. If there is free food around like cookies or pizza she says no to it and eats instead her own home cooked food. It is very typical of Briget to pull out a huge raw broccoli out of her bag in the middle of class. She is an inspiration!!