Thursday, November 7, 2013

November WELLU Award of Achievement Winners!

Katelyn Wieliczkiewicz, Coordinator of Residential Life

and CSS Student, Kristina Van Moer
Katie is not only the Somers Hall Coordinator but she is also the Rugby coach here at St. Scholastica. As only a 23 year old, Katie embodies all of the values of what a holistic person is all about. She is one of the most positive and motivating individuals our college has the privilege of having. Katie motivates her RA team daily, teaching them that they can't take care of their residents without taking care of themselves first. With her regular comments of leading a healthy lifestyle, drinking lots of water, and having positive thoughts, Katie demonstrates to those around her that you can a be a role model at any age. Katie's love for sports is quite contagious as well! From her love for the Red Sox to her love for rugby, Katie demonstrates that every individual should have a balanced lifestyle, and that when you're having a hectic lifestyle you can also have some healthy recreation. Katelyn Wieliczkiewicz has been in St. Scholastica only a year, yet she is a perfect role model of what a WELLU individual is all about!

According to her peers and mentors, Kristina Van Moer is an exceptional individual, student, and athlete here on campus. Prior to starting graduate school this fall for Exercise Physiology, Kristina was a student worker at the library here at Scholastica. According to her peers, Kristina was extremely committed to the regime she followed in order to prepare for the Minneapolis Marathon. Despite being an asthma sufferer, Kristina ran or cross trained 6 days a week. She ran in the cold, wind, and rain. She completed the marathon with a time anyone would be proud of and may even consider doing it all over again for Grandma’s Marathon. Kristina is everything that the WELLU Award encompasses and more.