Sunday, November 3, 2013

Does eating healthy really cost more?

It’s a popular belief that eating healthy requires more money, but many nutritionists disagree saying eating junk diminishes your health and wealth.
By comparing the cost of junk food to fruits and vegetables, The Center for Science in the Public Interest found the average price per serving of packaged foods loaded with sugar and fat to be twice the cost of fruits and vegetables.
Does Eating Healthy Really Cost More?
For example, a bag of M&Ms, which run 230 calories, costs 75 cents per serving. A serving of grapes, on the other hand, total 50 calories and is just 46 cents.
And one fruit rollup roll (45 cents, 80 calories) will cost you double what you’d pay for an apple (26 cents, 65 calories).
But let’s be honest, it’s hard to reach for a potato when what you really want is chips!
To satisfy that craving, consider baking kale chips.  They cost just a dollar versus $3 for a bag of store-bought chips.  Kale is also rich with antioxidants and is great for your eyes, and heart. It can even help manage your weight.
And if you’re craving something with chocolate, take your favorite fruit, maybe some strawberries, and dip them in melted dark chocolate.  It’s a snack full of antioxidants that will help you stay younger, longer. For many quick, easy, and healthy recipes, pick up a copy of "DORM GOOD FOOD" email to reserve your copy today! 
What are some ways you’re satisfying cravings in a healthy and affordable way? 
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