Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Upcoming Well U Events

Upcoming Events:

Pet Therapy
When: October 24th
Where: Somer's Main Lounge
What's Going On: Visit Shine and Spirit, two certified pet therapy dogs!

Food Day
Thursday, October 24th
CSS Student Union
What’s Going On:
- Cooking Demonstration
-Free Samples!
- Dorm Good Food cookbook
- Learn how to grocery shop
... on a budget
- Learn how to eat healthy on
- Get invaluable information that
you can take with you!

Well U Fair
When: October 29th 
Where: Student Union
What's Going On: Receive valuable wellness information, sign up for Well U programs, win prizes, and play fun games

Coffee with a Cop
When: October 30
Where: Port Foyer, outside Storm's Den
What's Going On: Discuss any questions you have with a Duluth Police Officer