Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October’s CSS Student Health 101 magazine is now available - check it out and don’t forget to enter to win the October drawing for $1,000! http://readsh101.com/css.html

October’s Student Health 101 is now available! So why should you read Student Health 101, the CSS online health and wellness magazine at http://readsh101.com/css.html ? First, you can enter the October drawing for $1,000 for checking out the October issue. Second, there are some great articles in Student Health 101: Going Beyond Pen & Paper How to enhance your note-taking techniques That Thing At The Gym? What it is & how to work it Do You Drink? Exploring the reasons behind your choices The FoMO Phenomenon Why you may have a fear of missing out Roommate Resolutions Finding common ground for stress-free living UCookbook: Creative and Healthy Sandwiches FitnessU: Quick and Quiet Workout Routines What’s your favorite Halloween candy? readsh101.com/halloweencandy/css.html And much more… And if you missed it – be sure to check out the September issue, with Get Up, Get Going, Bedtime Basics, What Would You Do?, The Beginners Guide to Budgeting and more, at readsh101.com/last_css.html. Be sure to like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheCollegeofSaintScholasticaStudentHealth101 and follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/SH101atCSS to find out when we announce the lucky winner!