Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Rock Your Way" Challenge WINNERS!

As all of our participants begin packing away their ‘blue suede shoes,’ we say goodbye to yet another successful faculty and staff challenge. The conclusion of the “Rock Your Way to Wellness” challenge brought about the celebration of 19 winners within 3 different teams. The staff ladies from the science building, known as the Science Saints, quickly became winners after tracking the most points at an outstanding 795,732 steps. Team members include Amanda Nix, Kristen Reedy, Pam Olson, Cathy Johnson, and Renee Saamanen. After hours of calculations, the competitive walkers from College Advancement, known as the Blue Stone Rockers, took home the medal for the most log ins to the Healthy Life site with at least 35 log ins each. Team members include Carrie Emslander, Elizabeth Simonson, Janet Rosen, Lisa Roseth, Shannon Hoffman, and Aimee Fisher. Lastly, after reading and evaluating a number of fine essays, the large, 8 member team of One Token Male claimed the prize with the most thought-out and inspiring winning essay. Team members include Amanda Abrahamson, Anne Hansen, Brenda Panger, Cathy Johnson, Joe Wicklund, Joel Claseman, Laurajae Johnson, and Pam Lahti. Congratulations to each of our winners and to all that competed in this exciting, team challenge!