Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May SH101 is Now Available!

May's Student Health 101 magazine is now available! Check out the May edition of SH101 today at, and enter to win the drawing of $1,000 for checking out this month's issue. The May issue has some great articles including:
  • Creative Ways to Break a Sweat: Making fitness part of any activity
  • Don't Forget to Remember: Tips and tricks to improve your memory
  • Unwrap the Facts: Learn to translate nutrition labels
  • Presenting Yourself to Employers: How to build a professional image online
  • Tackling Life's Transitions: How to adapt when change happens
  • UCookbook: Getting Creative with Packaged Foods
  • FitnessU: Core Strengthening
  • And much more...

And if you missed it - be sure to check out the April issue, with... Power Up Your Plate, Beat the Stress Before Your Test, Run With Your Passion, The Social Web and more, at!

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