Sunday, April 14, 2013

WELLU Senior Award of Achievement WINNER: Kenzie Meagher

Kenzie Meagher

Graduating senior, Kenzie Meagher, sure knows what it means to live out a WELLU lifestyle! Although she first began attending St. Scholastica three years ago because the college offered fields she was interested in such as theology and religious studies, the small community and values integrated into student life are what have kept her here. Throughout her time at CSS, Kenzie has created a well-balanced life for herself by creating a routine, seeking out an accountability buddy, and making sure to take time for herself.

In addition to staying organized with school and work, Kenzie has established a regular workout routine. Activities such as running, playing volleyball, and participating in intramurals help her to maintain physical fitness. In terms of eating well, Kenzie seeks out healthy foods to eat a well-balanced diet. While her accountability buddy keeps her on track with her workouts, she also steers her clear of too many desserts! Her buddy even prays and attends mass with her to actively seek spirituality. Lastly, on top of her jam-packed schedule, Kenzie even manages to relieve stress by taking time for herself to silence her phone, sit peacefully, and just take a mental break.

In combination with all of her efforts, Kenzie found the time to attend many WELLU sponsored programs. These include Cenergy Events about food portions as well as sugar in beverages, a discussion on mental health, and the tailgating party. Each of these activities helped Kenzie to recognize how she can be a steward of her health and to identify tips to help her carry a WELLU lifestyle into the future. As her journey with CSS comes to a close this spring, Kenzie encourages all students to take advantage of the programs and resources available on campus to learn more about living a balanced lifestyle. How will Kenzie spend her prize money of $500? She plans to put it toward St. John’s School of Theology in pursuing a Masters of Divinity as well as treat her roommates and herself to a nice dinner on the town. Congratulations once again, Kenzie!