Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April SH101 is Now Available!

April's Student Health 101 magazine is now available! Check out the April edition of SH101 today at http://readsh101.com/css.html, and enter to win a grand prize of $2,500 for checking out this month's issue. The April issue has some great articles including:
  • Power Up Your Plate: Top 5 foods to boost nutrition today
  • Beat the Stress Before Your Test: Learn how to conquer academic anxiety
  • Drinking Differences: Reveal the reality of your body's reactions
  • The Social Web: Pros and cons of online connections
  • Run With Your Passion: How exercise can make a difference
  • UCookbook: Filling Salads
  • FitnessU: Equipment-Free Resistance Training
  • And much more…
And if you missed it – be sure to check out the March issue, with The Five Elements of Fitness, Feed Your Body, Nourish Your Mind, What's Your Learning Style?, The 8 Hour Advantage and more, at http://readsh101.com/last_css.html!

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