Friday, March 1, 2013

Keep Calm and... but how?

We all have days when we can feel:

A bit overwhelmed,





Just all together not ourselves!

Especially being a college student where we are constantly met with deadlines, tests, job responsibilities and the fast paced nature of our social lives. It can really seem the Mount Doom to our hobbits eyes.

We might believe that these feelings of stress are beyond our control and there is nothing we can do but just deal with it!

BUT! Not all hope is lost fellow hobbits, there are many ways to handle such stress! (^0^)//

First of all we it is crucial to come to understand that stress is not the evil Disney bad guy that lurks in the shadows and tries to thwart our every move,


 There is a very positive side to stress and how it influences our lives. Stress can be, when in the right amount and handled well, a motivator that pushes us to get up and moving.
However what should be stressed, excuse the horrible pun, is how we react and handle the stress in our lives to ensure that it is not taking over our lives and crippling our ability to function and work. We must remember that we hold the key to reducing stress in the way that we react and approach our issues. There are many ways we can learn to de-stress form either the simpler cleaning up your space and listening to music to the bigger more profound of trying to be positive and change the way you think!

Whether simple or complex, there IS a way to tackle your stress!
A key factor that ties in directly to how we feel and our level of energy we put into our day is – sleep! As college students it’s so very important to make the physical effort of getting enough sleep and giving our body the rest we need. In the end it all depends on..

To the
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All are welcome & I would be delighted to see all your beautiful faces! Keep Calm and Join us!