Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Having trouble maintaining your New Year's Resolution?

Remember those goals you set or thought about in January?  
Goals are a wonderful thing to have.  They motivate and push you to succeed. I have always found that goals become more easily achieved when you have someone to remind you about what you had intended to do.  With this concept in mind comes an idea, why don’t we create a support group of people to depend on for motivation to achieve our goals. It doesn’t have to be complicated; we find something simple to unite us that can be visible. It can even be something stylish and fun!  This is where the Storm’s Advocates come into play. 
On National Walking Day, April 3rd 2013 Storm’s Advocates will be handing out free Buff’s in the Union from 10:30am till 2pm.  Here is the catch though; the idea behind the Buff is that we find a fun way to encourage physical activity this spring.  The Buff’s will create a unique support group for our goals as students, faculty and staff to become more physically active.
Don’t know what a Buff is??? It’s basically a tube shaped piece of fabric that’s really stretchy.  Wear it as a headband, a facemask, an arm band…. It’s really up to how creative you can be!
 On April 3rd there will be five different colored Buff’s available, each color coordinating to a word describing a personality.  Black stands for fearless, purple stands for compassionate, blue stands for confident, yellow stands for hilarious and white stands for faithful.  When you get your Buff it will be stamped with a paw print to show a sense of community, you will then be able to decorate your Buff with a variety of brightly colored fabric markers. 
After decorating your Buff we ask that you come up with a goal.  It can be simple like go for a walk after class, go to the gym once a week or join a fitness class.  The deal is that once you write down a goal, every time you see a Buff it becomes a form of encouragement to achieve your goal.  Last but certainly not least we’re encouraging everyone to participate in the Reif Run during Mayfest.  Whether you’re running the race, volunteering or cheering on the sidelines we ask you to wear your Buff’s to show a sense of community and support in one another!!!
So to sum it up….
1.       Show up on April 3rd between 10:30 and 2 in the union
2.       Pick a word : Pick a color
3.       Decorate it J
4.       Have a Goal : Write it down
5.       Support each other!!